Every villain is a hero in their mind

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The life of an assassin is pain. You suffer it, you inflict it, you watch it happen in the hope that you can make it disappear in time.”

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"I practiced."
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Choose Meme: Victor Sullivan or Elena Fisher  → asked by klc-journei

sheik with onisuus redesign lol~
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sheik with onisuus redesign lol~

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make me choose: Uncharted or and inFAMOUS

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Okay, okay, I wanted to play inFAMOUS but I couldn’t find it in my local game store. I forgot about it for a few months but then I made holidays in Bonn ( German City ) and walked through the city and saw this little game shop. I went inside and my mother called me to ask if everything was alright. Suddenly I saw the inFAMOUS Game on a shelf and I swear I started to scream down the line because I was so happy to see it. Of course I bought it and had to wait another 3 days until I was home and could play it. inFAMOUS 1 hadn’t the nicest graphics but it didn’t mattered to me ( the same happened with NieR RepliCant ). I just fell in love with the Karma concept and Cole is… he’s my fav male character ever. No one can beat him. 

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Even the most powerful demons merely plagiarize the worst thoughts and fears of mortals, and build their realms with no other ambition than to taste life." FIRST ENCHANTER JOSEPHUS; TRANQUILITY AND THE ROLE OF THE FADE IN HUMAN CULTURE.

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what about deadspace

Uh, my Dad bought me the first Dead Space and yeah, first time I played it I shitted my pants, so afraid I was but then I hang at this stupid point, where you need to destroy these stupid metroids with this fancy machine. I gave up and started again with Dead Space 2 ( without the shitting my pants ) and then it was fun and I enjoyed it and yeah, awesome games. 

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Choose Meme: Elena Fisher or Chloe Frazer → asked by rekkusu-chan